Search and Social Ads, Better

Better Search and Social Ads are built by the numbers. Leveraging the opportunities of AI and Machine Learning by setting simple, profitable goals and communicating them to the platform is the best path to consistent, profitable online ad campaigns.

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Measurable Goals

Identify the necessary steps in your customer journey.
Track those steps as they occur.
Implement, or at least move towards, account based marketing to measure then increase customer lifetime value.

Communicate with the AI

Google and Facebook Ads have highly sophisticated automation in place. If you are an advertiser who can invest at sufficient scale (usually starts at about $10k/mo) you have enough customer data to communicate effectively with the platforms. When you set an achievable goal, communicate the steps toward it to the bots, and tell the machine to go get it, it will achieve the goal in most cases.

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Consumer Demand Insights

When you leverage our enterprise quality team to run your search and social advertising campaigns, we will provide you with quarterly insights into the volume and nature of the consumer dynamics in your market.

Hire PPC Better

If you’re ready to take your Google and Facebook ad campaigns to the next level, contact PPC Better.

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White Label PPC Management Agency

PPC Better leverages proven tactics and strategies to consistently provide the results advertisers are looking for, a positive ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Since PPC is all we do, we do it better than generalist agencies. Our 100% US, 100% remote team efficiently builds campaigns that perform. We also arm our clients with the information they need to efficiently convert clicks to leads.

Engaging PPC Better as your white label Google Ads management partner expands the core competence of your agency. Whether you choose our internal only, or client facing white label services, you can count on providing better ppc management services to your clients while generating incremental revenue for your agency. Our efficient pricing makes it easy for you to mark up our services by whatever amount helps meet your business goals.

White Label PPC Management Pricing

Our PPC management pricing is competitive but far from the lowest on the market. Low cost white label ppc management is almost exclusively provided by companies which use overworked, undertrained, English as a second language teams. These types of services might be good enough to provide a positive ROI in very low competition markets, but if your clients have competitors with a reasonable level of sophistication, you should expect to get bad results from lower priced ppc management services.

Our 100% US based PPC specialists have day to day access to top tier mentorship from senior team members who have been doing Google Ads for a living for over a decade. Our values of personal responsibility, professional growth, and healthy work/life balance help us provide better results at fair prices. Request a strategy session to tell us about your unique needs and find out if white label paid search management from PPC Better is a good fit for your agency and clients.