Email Remarketing

Probably the most valuable and most underutilized remarketing channel is email. Capturing prospect email addresses and giving them the information then need to buy is one big element. Automating good customer follow up processes with the available technology is the other.

izdelava spletnih strani dizajn
izdelava spletnih strani dizajn

Social Remarketing

The reach of social media is awesome. Hundreds of millions of people log onto a social platform every day. Leveraging the first party data point of a customer having recently visited your website to serve them ads works. Of course, your message has to work, and learning how to craft the best message takes testing.

Display Remarketing

Youtube, Google Display Network and premium demand side platforms allow you to reinforce your message. Create additional touch points and keep your brand top of mind when customers have browsed your website recently with text, image, and video creative across a wide network of internet properties which users spend time on with display.

izdelava spletnih strani dizajn

Effective Digital Advertising


Google Ads Done Right

Remarketing Campaigns

We’re all pretty familiar with this tactic now. You view a pair of shoes on a website and that pair of shoes follows you around as an ad on every website you view for days/weeks after. Paid remarketing consistently provides the highest ROI of any targeting method available for display and social PPC advertising. That said, there are many potential pitfalls for advertisers using remarketing. For a deeper dive on ad fatigue and other remarketing tactics that have been proven successful.