Situation Overview

A mid-sized agency that provides high quality content and technical SEO services was regularly encountering clients who asked for paid search and other digital paid media services. After experimenting with both building in-house capabilities and a few white label PPC management partners, they were consistently frustrated by three main stumbling blocks.

  1. Low cost vendors provided disappointing results
  2. High cost vendors didn’t allow for attractive enough mark up revenue
  3. Building in house capabilities was ROI negative and distracted from the agency’s core mission

How PPC Better helped

In Q2 of 2020 the agency brought in the PPC Better team. Over the next 90 days we onboarded three test clients, including one enterprise/key account. Key client performance milestones:

  1. Reduced cost per lead by 70% for an enterprise B2B lead generation project
  2. Increased revenue to agency from PPC management fees exponentially (low 4 figures to mid 5 figures monthly)
  3. Met or exceeded client performance expectations for all three accounts leading to SEO contract renewal  in all cases

Operationally, PPC Better provided the services seamlessly and while appearing to be employees of the SEO agency. We also provided training and coaching to agency staff to help them better understand and communicate both the value of Google Ads and its relationship with other digital marketing channels, especially organic search, the agency’s core competence. We also provided the clients with upgraded performance measurement and visibility.

  1. Implemented Google Ads, Google Analytics (UA), “Click to Call” and other performance management
  2. Set up enterprise integration between Google Ads and Salesforce to help a client measure and improve marketing qualified lead rate by over 30% in just a few months
  3. Launched on demand, real time client accessible performance dashboards


Many digital marketing and traditional advertising agencies could benefit from having a partner who can effectively provide Google Ads services. PPC Better works with your agency and client benefit in mind. We help surface insights that demonstrate the benefits of the services you’re already providing. Avoid friction caused by having a competing agency play a role in your client’s campaigns and earn incremental revenue by partnering with PPC Better.