PPC Better has a strict policy regarding buying things by a cold solicitation be that cold or cold email.

The policy is that we will never ever under any circumstances buy anything that we become aware of via cold phone call or cold email. This may be to our own detriment. We understand that it’s possible that we would be offered gold bars for nickel via cold call on any given day.

However, the opportunity cost of being available to take live phone calls and reading/evaluating emails regarding potential business services is high. Over the last seven years that PPC Better has been in business, if it had answered, engaged with, and evaluated every cold call that has been placed to our publicly available phone number that would’ve resulted in over 8,000 interactions.

If we multiply 8000 interactions by 10 minutes average time spent per interaction, that means we would’ve spent over 1,300 hours evaluating the solicitation offers of these cold calls. Considering the over 50,000 emails that had been flagged by our spam filters to the publicly available email address evaluating cold email offers would be even more costly. At our current billable rate of $250/hr the opportunity cost for just the phone calls would have been over $300k.

It seems unlikely that there would have been more than $300k in benefit from listening to the 8,000 phone salesman who would have liked to reach us.

That’s why we’ve decided to simply never ever under any circumstances do any business with anyone who contacts us by cold email or cold call. If you’re a solicitor who is currently frustrated by this policy, we understand. We used to be you. But please, spend your time on more useful pursuits than cold calling/emailing PPC Better staff. In our view the policy is working well and will likely continue to do so.

Please remove all @ppcbetter.com emails from your marketing lists, unless we reach out to you first. Thanks!