*Please note, this is a blast from the past post from my blogspot blog named “Search Engine Grease” over 10 years ago. No current edits to the body text or images have been made.

Nobody Clicks on Sponsored Links

A study from Cornell University supports our proprietary data showing that when people are interested in making a purchasing decision they can be led to click on a Sponsored Link. The key is to place text which appeals only to those interested buyers prominently on the first page of Google. The San Francisco Search Data firms Enquiro and Did-It were involved in another experiment showing similar results.

Take a look at this click map from the San Francisco study. As you can see if you want to win the attention of your customers, you need to be at the top. Even the top of the right hand side performs better than most organic positions.

Do you want to put your business where interested buyers can find it? If you have tried advertising on Google before, but didn’t see a good ROI drop me a line. I’d be happy to show you how to get the exposure your business needs without breaking the bank.