Google Ads now allows you to add images to search ads. Implementing this can substantially help improve the performance of your ads. We recommend including at least 1 square and 1 rectangle featured images with your ads. It is often good to include more than one image. This may allow you to align the intent of what the consumer is searching for with the image you offer.

Images included with search ads must meet the requirements below

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Image specifications

Image resolution: PNG, JPG, static GIF

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratioWhere can it showRequired
Square (1×1), YouTube search via AdSense For Search (Search Partners)Yes
Landscape (1.91×1)YouTube search via AdSense For Search (Search Partners)Optional, but recommended

Note: You can crop images using the image picker during implementation

Image resolution:

Aspect ratioMinimum pixelsRecommended pixels
Square (1×1)300 x 3001200 x 1200
Landscape (1.91×1)600 x 3141200 x 628

Maximum file size: 5120 KB

Recommended image safe area: Place the most important content in the center 80% of the image

So if you’re doing Google search ads and you want to squeeze out a little extra performance, be sure to add image extensions to your ads. Happy advertising!