Advertising on Linkedin

Do you want to get in on social media but have a product for the professional world? Linkedin is a business-orientated social media networking tool with over 500 million professionals who use it weekly. That means Linkedin is a fantastic B2B goldmine to help with increasing advertising goals for companies who need that professional clientele.

izdelava spletnih strani dizajn
izdelava spletnih strani dizajn

Linkedin Campaign Manager

If you’re ready to gain high-quality prospects that are more likely to become customers, it’s time to develop the right strategy for your business. PPC Better will harness all Linkedin has to offer and make sure your campaign reaches its full potential. Our experts know how to find the perfect demographic to target based on the size of the companies, their interest in specialized topics, specific industries, and job titles.

Effective Digital Advertising

Linkedin Ads Done Right

Linkedin Ads Manager For Custom Targeting

Need to focus local? That’s no problem! We can even modify a campaign by zeroing in on locations, time, and persona of the messages we send. With SponsoredIn Mail, you’re only messaging active prospects on Linkedin’s platform leading to higher click-through rates. With your targeted audience getting personalized email messages, this will boost the conversion rates for signups, leads, and sales.

izdelava spletnih strani dizajn
izdelava spletnih strani dizajn

The Best Linkedin Marketing Agency

Leave it to us to put together a coherent campaign that uses custom code to address a potential prospect by name, warmly welcoming them to view your services and see how your company can help improve their lives. See how PPC Better can execute the best Linkedin Ad Campaign for your company by contacting us today!